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Chime Insight & Engagement Group are the strategic research group within Chime Communications.

We realise the power of customer insight and lead the way with the philosophy that research is only worth doing if it leads to action and ROI for our clients.

Our driving aim is to help organisations identify and deliver a clear way forward.

We work in partnership with our clients - using our unique, creative engagement techniques to embed findings within their business, we help to deliver a bottom line commercial return.

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Our Offering

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We’ve explored the extent to which challenger banks are living up to consumer expectations and investigated if 2018 will be the tipping point for mass switching

Challenger Banks: Good but not yet good enough

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Learn how Behavioural Economics impact our Trust model lens of Judgement, Motive and Competence


It's your customer but it's their voice

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Consumers are backing financial brands that don’t just do good, but do more!

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Our Group

Chime Insight & Engagement is lucky to be supported by the team of communications experts within Chime Communications. Chime Communications is an international communications and sports marketing group, including CSM Sport and Entertainment, the VCCP Partnership in advertising and the Good Relations Group in public relations. Chime Communications is made up of five divisions, 51 companies and over 1,500 people. As a multi-faceted agency group we can draw on the scale, quality and expert technical knowledge of our specialised fieldwork focused agencies.

Chime Communications is made up of five divisions:

Chime Insight & Engagement Group The Good Relations Group Open Health VCCP Partnership Chime Sports Marketing

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Research Know-how

Our Group is comfortable in providing a vast range of research methodologies – from industrial strength quantitative tracking surveys for world famous brands, through to boutique innovation projects for newly established brands, Chime Insight has the power to deliver quality insights quickly in a wide range of market areas.

CIE Research Know-how House

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Insight Storytelling & Engagement:

Fitness First Case Study

The Global Fitness First team came to us with the following question: ‘How should the Global fitness market be segmented, and how can Fitness First tailor its brand promise around these segments fitness needs?’

Although we already had some quant data on segmenting the market for fitness, we needed to think about how that data could be turned into a narrative and find out what story would engage the whole organisation, from the board to all of the Club Managers and Personal Trainers who work with members on a daily basis.

To do this effectively we decided to fully immerse ourselves in the Fitness First club environment and test out the segments with the people who would use them the most in their customer-facing roles. We then focused on telling a narrative for each of these segments in a simple story-led way and we brought this to life with illustrations, segment icons and infographics.

We cascaded this through the Fitness First business with a storybook, supporting personas and factsheets. As well as ensuring their Global board had buy into the approach, we also work-shopped the segments with their lead teams. We developed a series of animations to help introduce the segments across the globe, as well as inputted to an award winning video to help club staff spot different segments. We supported face-to-face workshops in a diverse set of markets including Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the Middle East, as well as widely across the UK.

In order to ensure that the value of this work was measured and understood, we undertook a ROAR (return on analysis and research) analysis workshop at the outset of the programme. This set out the framework for ourselves and the Fitness First team to track the impact, from embedding the segmentation and its commercial value to the business overall.

This project resulted in a significant impact on their business across a wide range of metrics, delivering exceptionally strong ROI and driving significant increases in: conversion rates, digital leads, digital joiners, decreased cost per acquisition, and increased NPS, member satisfaction and employee engagement.

Fitness First Summary Board

"We are currently working with Chime Insight & Engagement to help us bring alive our new customer segmentation to drive profitability. Chime have brought together their unique mix of research "know how" with their engagement techniques to deliver insightful materials for many different parts of our organisation. This includes our globally located marketing teams as well as the teams delivering service training in all our clubs."

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